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As part of our business outreach, we’ve engaged with the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, the second largest Chamber in the UK, to help showcase what the re-opening of the line will mean. EMC have kindly published a short article about the commercial importance of the line, which you can read here.

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East Midlands Chamber

One of the distinguishing features of the Ivanhoe Line is that it is intended for both commercial and leisure use. Along the 30 mile length, there are thousands of businesses that will benefit from having better transport links for both their employees and customers. So we’re delighted to welcome Stacey Ash to our team as

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Business Liaison

We have booked a stall in the Coalville indoor market on Saturday 26th September. In the absence of events due to Covid this is one way of meeting people to gather support for our campaign. It will also provide an opportunity to sell the CRIL calendar which will give our campaigns a much needed boost.

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CRIL Market Stall

We are pleased to announce that the first CRIL calendar has been produced and that we are ready to receive orders. A limited amount has been printed and are available on a “first come, first served” basis. The cost of the calendar is £8.50 + £1.40 postage = £9.90. Please send your orders by email providing your full address and

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CRIL Calendar

I joined the CRIL group right at the very beginning when we had very little interest; how quickly this altered! My role is administrator and minute taker. I am a non-driver so better local access to public transport is always an important consideration to me. Having lived along the line for some years, I have

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Being the CRIL administrator

The CRIL display has received a much needed revamp and is now ready to roll. The process during the Covid-19 lockdown has at times been frustrating, however, our thanks go to Jake at Design4innovation for his perseverance and for doing such a splendid job.We hope that it will see some action before the year is

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The New CRIL Display