Being the CRIL administrator

I joined the CRIL group right at the very beginning when we had very little interest; how quickly this altered! My role is administrator and minute taker.

I am a non-driver so better local access to public transport is always an important consideration to me. Having lived along the line for some years, I have always had an interest in re-opening the ‘Ivanhoe line’, as my preferred public transport is rail travel. I believe my interest is from an early age – as a treat when I was a child in the 1960’s I was
taken to look at the trains!
A lot of what I do is the more mundane back ground work to ensure we stay compliant, keeping the records straight and accompanying our technical team to meetings to minute take. I am a small cog writhing this fast moving organisation. As we travel along our track I will update you with points of interest, things are definitely moving at a fast pace, now we have been appointed a successful bid with DfT!